- Welcome to My Blog -

- I am The Guy Next Door & This is my Journal -

I originally started blogging in 2012, but I was a very different person back then! This is my new and updated life!

I’ve had a pretty hectic life and was a bit of a party animal till everything came crashing down on me one day!

That was the day I decided that I have to change my life otherwise I will end up dead or in a terrible place! I share my amazing story and journey on this blog and I also have a Youtube channel called “The Guy Next Door”!

This is how I am changing my life to become a better and more spiritual being!

I am learning and growing everyday and hopefully I can inspire some who struggle with similar issues to make that change and to take charge of Your Life!

Its not always easy to admit our faults and its not always easy to make the changes we need to to become the best version of ourselves, but we can do this together – One Step at a Time!

I will use this Blog as my Daily Journal to record my Journey – and together we will change lives for the better!

We only have this One Life – Lets make it a Life to be proud off!




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