About the Guy Next Door Blog

This is probably the most difficult page to write, “The Welcome page” !

I have to write something that gives you guys an oversight of what this blog is about…….. but where do I start?

I think I’m asking myself this question every single day! ……… and I CAN’T EVEN ANSWER it myself!

So I’ve been a pretty lucky guy. I grew up in Namibia on a farm in the middle of nowhere! I went to boarding school and had a really strict upbringing! I was always a great performer in School and always achieved great grades!

I was definitely not  one of “The Popular Kids” in school….. I was reserved and kept to myself!

Fast forward a few years, I finished school with Great Grades and Life was my oyster!

Man…… did I manage to fuck this Oyster up? I’m not sure what happened but this reserved goody two shoe boy suddenly turned into this ANIMAL…… and my life since then has been pretty out of control …….

Still through all this “Out of Control” Lifestyle …. LUCK seemed to follow me around and I was kept safe and out of TROUBLE!

I’ve also had a great successful career through all of this – I sometimes wonder  how I managed to keep it all together, but I’m grateful that I did!

Everyones steam eventually runs out! Or maybe we just GROW UP and realise we can no longer live this way and we realise that there is so much more to life than fucking things up!

I think this is where I am at NOW!

I want to change my life for the positive because I have so much to be grateful for and I want to start living a life full of Gratitude!

I guess the message I’m trying to send out is this ……

Its never too late to start over!

It’s never too late to make a change!

and there is nothing wrong with admitting and realising that “I FUCKED UP BIG TIME”!

I’m 34 years old now!

I’m completely out of shape and overweight!

I’ve battled Addictions for years, and any Addict can tell you that depression and anxiety just forms part of this package …..

I’m ready to change and I’m ready to start living a different life …. a POSITIVE life full of GRATITUDE!

They say the first step towards recovery – Is admitting to yourself that you are an addict and that your life is out of control!

This is me admitting to myself!

and this is me changing and becoming the person I want to be!

Anyways ……. enough of the DOOM and GLOOM …..

I also want this blog to be a fun place …… A Place where I share my stories and experiences….. I’ve had some AMAZING times and I’ve learned some BIG lessons and if you can relate in any way ….. please share your story with me too!

I hope you enjoy the READ, VIDEOS and PHOTOS!

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting

My Intermittent Fasting journey starts here! ...


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      The Guy Next Door

      Hello Peter, My girth before is 5.5″ and after 6″ sometimes 6.25! How are you anyways?…. Thank you for your comment!

  1. Peter

    OK, Your stats are very close to my goal (6.5-7×5.5-5.75)
    My current stats are around 5×4.7-8, but my erection quality is kind of shitty, despite being 18 :(.
    I’ve just quit porn, what’s your take on that?

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      The Guy Next Door

      Porn is an erection killer man….. Listen i use to watch porn all the time and masturbate all the time as well and it did definitely effect my erect quality….

      Stop watching porn and masturbate less, do edging instead, almost masturbating but stop before you get to the point of no return…… Do this for about 20 minutes in a session. Do not CUM! It can be tough but you will learn to do it….. Try not to come more than twice a week, even less, till your boner is rock hard again.

      Also drink MORE WATER and eat healthy….. this is so obvious, sorry for even saying it…… but it really made a difference for me.

      Mate I’m no expert, but this is what worked for me….. try and let me know….. obviously if your erection quality gets really bad, speak to your doctor!

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  2. bryan

    Hello ,
    Do you need to combine the bathmate with manual exercises to become good PE results ? if you only use the bathmate is that good enough ?


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      The Guy Next Door

      Hello Bryan

      How are you doing?

      When I first started I only used the bathmate and didn’t do any manual exercises and got some gains.

      When I started doing manual exercises everything changed…. After about 3 Months of using the bathmate and manual exercises I could really notice a difference in size.

      Adding exercises will definitely help you get permanent gains faster.

      Do what you can in a day….. 5 – 10 minutes of Jelqing everyday will make a big difference, try and build it up each week…. add a few minutes a day…..

      Do some Penis Stretching as well if you can…. it really does help.

      You will get good gains from just using the bathmate alone…. but everything will just take a bit longer!

      To be honest with you, I hate doing manual exercises but since doing them and getting really good results, it is something I just do…. because I know they work! I know they are boring and time consuming but worth it!

      Do you mind me asking what your aim is…. How much do you want to increase your erect and flaccid size by? Do you want to increase Length and Thickness?

      Thanks for the question man!

      1. bryan

        I’m fine , thanks !
        my aim is , flaccid about 2 inch , and erect about 4.9 inch.
        I’m not happy about my size and I want to get good gains as soon as possible…
        I want my to increase my flaccid size to 5inch and my erect size to 6 inch. I also want to increase thickness…

        greetingz Bryan

        1. Post
          The Guy Next Door

          The way I got quickest results was:

          The Bathmate,
          Sizegenetics extender or VLC tugger 12 hours a day, Manual exercises which is Penis Stretching and jelqing.

          This will be the quickest way!

          I increased my flaccid size by 3.5″ the same as what you want. I did this in two years but must admit, I wasn’t very dedicated to manual exercises when I started 2 years ago…..

          I think my gains would have been much quicker if I followed a good routine from the beginning!

          I would say follow a good routine and you will see amazing results.

          Here is a link to the routine I started with:


          Hope this helps Bryan….. if you have any other question, please ask!

  3. bryan

    I have another question already ,
    the bandage for the uncle Jim’s wrapping technique is it something you can get at the pharmacist ? and is this technique as good as an extender ?

    1. Post
      The Guy Next Door

      You can by the bandage from any pharmacy, as long as it has a stretch in it, I use the (ACE Elastic Bandage Self Adhering 2″ inch / 5cm width)

      The Uncle jim’s wrapping technique is better for your flaccid length, because it stops your penis from turtling (shrinking back into your body) I find find wearing it straight after the bathmate, when your penis is nice and loose from the bathmate pump, really helped with my flaccid gains….

      I don’t think the uncle jim’s wrap will give you any erect increases and the extenders are better for this. Also with the extender you get a much better stretch….. Uncle Jim’s wrap is a more gentle stretch!

      Are you circumcised or uncircumcised? I’m uncircumcised and the VLC tugger works really well for me…. it is much cheaper than other penis extenders as well, but still a great little devise!

      What I use to find was this…. in the beginning when I used the bathmate, my immediate gains would be amazing but after a short while, my penis will go back to it original size and sometimes shrink a little more due to the pressure from the bathmate….. the uncle Jim’s wrap stopped this from happening, stopped my penis from shrinking back to it’s original small size and after a few months of doing this my flaccid started to really hang nicely…..

      The uncle Jim’s wrap will definitely help you maintain everything you gain from exercises and using the bathmate and help your flaccid penis look bigger.

      If you are not going to use an extender, penis stretching will really help for length gains….. again as soon as you finish your stretching and Jelqing…. apply an Uncle Jim’rinks wrap.

      The idea here is to stop your penis from ever shrinking back to it’s original size, if you do this, you will see better results!

      I hope this helps!

  4. bryan

    I’m circumcised .
    So i do’nt need an exteder, If I only do jelqing , penis stretching , the uncle jim’s wrap and the bathmate I’ll get fast results to ?

    1. Post
      The Guy Next Door

      You will definitely, just remember start of slowly and build it up. Always warm up before any penis exercises – this is very important!

      Wrap your penis straight after you do any exercises or straight after using the bathmate…. You might have to adjust your wrap now and again – due to your penis loosing thickness during the day after exercises and the bathmate!

      When you wrap your penis straight after doing exercises, it will really help maintain and cement your gains and it stops your penis from shrinking back to the original size and that is what you want!

      Let me know how you get on and your progress – I would love to know!

  5. bryan

    I will certainly do !
    In the beginners routine is written that I have to put the penis extender on for 1hour , instead I’ll do the uncle jim’s technique for 1hour than , correct ?
    I’m sorry for al the questions but I want to be sure…

    1. Post
      The Guy Next Door

      You can keep the wrap on for as long as you can….. it is not as much of a stretch as the extender!

      With the wrap you can pretty much wear it all day, just make sure you don’t do it to tight but tight enough not to slip off.

      You can take the wrap off every hour or two hours and just do a few dry jelqs and a bit of stretching (rotating stretches) to get the blood flowing and then rewrap your penis!

      I would never sleep with it, just wear it in the day when you can keep an eye on your penis! The longer you wear it the better the results.

      follow the beginners routine but wrap your penis everyday for as long as you can!

      The wrap is a much more gentle stretch and that is why you can wear it for longer than the extenders in the beginning!

      Don’t worry about the questions… this is the reason for my blog…. I’m here to help!

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      The Guy Next Door

      To be honest with you, I’ve always done penis stretching and the extender together, so I can’t tell you how long it will take with just stretching!

      I suppose the simple answer is till you achieve your gaol. If you want to grow your flaccid penis by 3″, I would say realistically look towards the 2 year mark, this is how long it took me to add 3.5″ to my length, but I used an extender!

      This is a long term commitment and needs to be part of your daily routine…..

      If you use the Bathmate, penis stretching, jelqing and uncle jims wrap you will already see results after 3 months. The first 1″ is the easiest if you are new to penis enlargement and then it gets harder!

      Hope this helps!

  6. bryan

    aah oke , I think I wil buy the extender than to book an even more rapid progress….
    witch one should I buy? , because I’m circumcised…

    1. Post
      The Guy Next Door

      You will still get good results if you don’t use the extender….

      I Just always used one. If you are circumcised the Sizegenetics extender is the most comfortable extender in my opinion (I’m not circumcised and I find it very comfortable to wear!), but I know a lot of guys on forums say that it works really well for guys that are circumcised!

      How long have you been using your bathmate now?

    1. Post
      The Guy Next Door

      Have you ever tried using it with a full erection? It gives you much more of an expansion and the immediate gains also last longer! Try it and tell me what you think!

    1. Post
      The Guy Next Door

      I’m glad Bryan, it works great for me and I make it my aim to use it with a full erection every time…..

      If you do 20 minutes of edging before the bathmate and get myself really hard, it works great. I also do about 10 minutes of edging after the bathmate…. really helps with your erect increases!

      Thank you for letting me know!

  7. bryan

    no prob !
    I’l try the edging to .
    But I have already another question for you 😀
    about the stretchin can you do it more than 15min or isn’t that healthy for you’re penis ?

    1. Post
      The Guy Next Door

      I do about 30 minutes a day of stretching and 45 minutes of jelqing – sometimes I do less if I’m lazy….. but most of the time I will do this!

      Have you worn the Uncle Jim’s wrap yet?

  8. bryan

    good to know !
    Yes I did wore the uncle jim’s wrap , today I wore it 10 hours I think , but can it be that it looks a little bit strange once he’s wrapped ?

    1. Post
      The Guy Next Door

      It does look a bit strange, just make sure you don’t wrap it too tight…..

      You will get use to the feeling…. after a while you completely forget about it!

      Well done though!

    1. Post
      The Guy Next Door

      you can do stretches on the same day as the bathmate…. as long as you do take breaks for recovery. It is important that you give your penis time to heal and recover after exercising and everything! My routines are only a guide – you can change them to fit your needs!

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      The Guy Next Door

      Hello Bryan, no…. my balls don’t get sucked in….. try to loosen your scrotum by pulling it a little… it happened to me before but pulling on my scrotum really helped with this…. it is painful when this happens – I know…. also when you attach the bathmate make sure your balls are out of the way before pumping and hold it tight against your body before starting to pump…… I hope this helps and sorry for the late reply!

    1. Post
      The Guy Next Door

      Hello Bryan, are you clean shaven? Try this as well, you will get better suction….. I hope this helps….. You can also try to twist the rubber base 90 degrees, this might also help! Let me Know

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  9. Otto

    Hey man, I read your story bro..Very inspirational bro!What part are from from…I am from Grootfontein but I spent loads of my time in Windhoek…Give me a shout…!

    1. Post
      The Guy Next Door

      Hey Man, How are you doing? Wow…. Grootfontein, I use to live in Otjiwarongo but my family lives Next to the Orange River now….. Near Karasburg!

      I’m in the Uk now, been here for a while! Thanks for the message man, really nice to see someone from Namibia on here! What do you do in Grootfontein!

      Let me know man!

  10. Otto

    Nice 1, somehow I could relate to the pictures cause the background looked so familiar..Anyways I left home a few years ago, I live in Canada now..I been to UK also nice place, mostly Manchester…Can you see my email?

    1. Post
      The Guy Next Door

      No place like Namibia! I miss it from time to time but like the UK as well.

      I can see your email! Why do you ask?

    1. Post
      The Guy Next Door

      Hello Bryan

      I have no idea, as I said my balls never gets sucked in. I’m sorry this is happening to you!

      This is what I do:
      I slide my penis in place in the bathmate and then i pull my balls back before I start pumping

      When my balls are out of the way, I press down on the Bathmate just a bit so it gets a nice suction without having my balls sucked in.

      Once in place, I pump a couple times to make suction even harder, pull on my balls again and then do a couple more pumps….. and my balls never get sucked in.

      Try this!

  11. bryan

    I tried It but it also did not work for me… , my right ball stays in place but it is always my left ball that gets sucked in…

    1. Post
      The Guy Next Door

      I’ve looked around a bit – and found the following for you!

      Some guys with the same problem – use like a hairband to tie around both there balls to keep it out of the way – I suppose Just don’t do it too tight – be careful not to make this too tight – You don’t want to cut circulation off – and then they pump.

      Maybe you can try this and see if it works for you!

      Let me know!

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  12. bryan

    This also doesn’t help…, i really don’t know what to do anymore… ,maybe the bathmate just doesn’t work for me…

    1. Post
      The Guy Next Door

      Hey Bryan, lets not just give up yet! When you first started using it, it worked fine didn’t it? I can remember you telling me in some of your previous posts! I’ll do a bit more research today and let you know as soon as I find something!

      We will get there!

  13. Mike

    Hi TGND and bryan,

    First off, TGND…thank you for being so openly demonstrating your journey and techniques. I’m just starting with penis traction, and have very little experience with pumps, but after reading (and seeing) your results, I’ll probably be ordering a Bathmate soon! (Through your link, of course. 🙂

    For sure, I’m going to try some (if not all) of your exercises. If you’d like me to report my stats before I begin, I can do that…but I have to buy a tape measure first.

    I wanted to comment to bryan that I also sometimes have trouble with balls getting sucked into the pump. I only have an air pump with hard plastic tube, but I’ve been able to control that problem mostly, by shaving pubes high above and around my dick, then placing the tube as high as possible under my penis…pulling any stretchy scrotum skin out of the tube before applying suction.

    As TGND suggested above, pulling balls back certainly helped, but placing the tube as high above as possible, then stretching scrotum skin out of the tube, has solved that problem for me. You might already be doing that, but just in case you aren’t, I wanted to at least present the idea for you to consider.

    Lastly, a question for TGND:
    I don’t understand how the VLC Tugger actually hangs on to the end of the penis. Is it a vacuum that forms in conjunction with foreskin?

    I’m circumcised. Will the VLC work for me???

    Thanks again for your site, and for whatever response you might offer.

    1. Post
      The Guy Next Door

      Hello Mike

      Wow, thank you for your mail and it is my pleasure sharing this with you guys – I think we all deserve a nice size penis.

      Thank you for your suggestion to Bryan as well – means a lot man!

      It will be great if you can report your stats – we can do this together and I’m here to help.

      With Penis Enlargement – it can be frustrating from time to time and it will help to have support and someone to motivate you! Believe me, I got so frustrated sometimes – the key is – don’t give up – the gains will come!

      The VLC tugger is for men with foreskins – they also do a TLC tugger – which is for foreskin restoration! You are right, the vacuum is formed in conjunction with the foreskin….. that is why I think it is better for guys who are uncircumcised –

      Which traction devise do you have at the moment? I know that loads of guys that is circumcised find the Sizegenetics extender very comfortable – I do too – but the problem I find is that my foreskin kind of gets in the way and rubs, which causes it to burn like hell after a while, saying that, I can wear the sizegenetics so much longer than my old Andropenis extender!

      Do you have any skin that will cover your glans or is your skin tight – I will email the guy that makes the VLC today and find out for you! I know he was circumcised but restored his foreskin – I’ll find out of he got any length gains from doing this!

      To be honest with you , I’ve never used an air pump, but I know what the Bathmate does for me and I will never use any other pump – it has made such changes to my size – and I’m so grateful for that! Also it takes time and commitment, but it is so worth it.

      I will let you know about the VLC tugger!

      Thank you so much for your comment and advise to Bryan – really appreciate it!

      Let me know what your stats are when you can measure and yea all I can say is start – you will get amazing results!

      Follow a good routine, make it part of your lifestyle and don’t give up!

      Kind Regards


  14. bryan

    thanks guys ,
    @ Mike I will try your method , you never know right….
    I hope it will help because it’s verry anoying…I just want to make progress but with one of my balls getting sucked in all the time it’s not easy 🙂
    @ theguynextdoor ; found anything yet?

    1. Post
      The Guy Next Door

      Hello Bryan, I have not, just the same as before – try what Mike suggested and let me know!

      Also if it doesn’t work, try the hairband with Mikes suggestion and see if that works! I hope so!

  15. Mike

    Hi again,

    My extender is the X4 Labs™ Deluxe Edition Extender. I got it a few months ago for my partner, but he’s been very sick…so our of curiosity (and self entertainment), I’m using it instead.

    From what I can tell through pics, the X4 looks identical to the sizegenetics extender. It IS comfy to wear for a few short hours, but I’m well aware of that “burning” you describe. OUCH!

    Uncle Jim’s Wrap is an interesting idea…never thought of THAT before. I’ll be buying the self adhesive bandage wrap later today…getting ready for ‘the program’.

    BTW, you have an impressive ‘package’. I’m almost twice your age, but one thing I’ve noticed as I get older, is my penis has begun to ‘turtle’ a bit. I hate the feeling it creates, and that’s why I’m trying the extender. (It’s also the reason I bought it for my partner, cuz we’re the same age, and having the same problem.) I’m not particularly interested in foreskin restoration, so the TLC doesn’t entice me at this time. Thanks for considering the idea, but don’t spend time researching it on my account.

    With much appreciation……

    bryan, the first time my right ball got sucked into the tube, it felt like a bull had stepped on my crotch. i was writhing on the floor for a couple of minutes! I immediately thought about throwing this cheap ass vacuum pump away…but then tried my own suggestions above. No problem since then…fortunately for me.

    1. Post
      The Guy Next Door

      Hello Mike, I’m sorry to hear about your partner, hope everything will be ok!

      You are right about the X4 and SG extender – they are very similar!

      I’ve emailed the guy to find out if you can wear the VLC tugger if you are circumcised already but it will be good to know anyways – so no worries! I always have my foreskin pulled back and I love it – so I wouldn’t have minded being circumcised either!

      When I first started PE, I could never pull my foreskin back – it was too small and my foreskin would just slip back over my glans – it was one of my happiest days when my penis got to a size where it would actually stay pulled back – and now it’s just like that all the time! (I know it’s a bit sad, but I really hated having a small penis) So your comment about impressive package is making me smile ear to ear – thank you!

      Try the uncle Jim’s wrap – it really did and still does amazing things for my flaccid size! Just one thing – it is self adhering bandage – don’t get anything that is sticky – trust me I made that mistake before – and it hurts! lol

      Stay in touch and I hope your partner gets well soon!

  16. Frey Olafsson

    Hej CJ
    Just wanted to write and say thank you for this blog 🙂
    I have been roaming the internet for some time now trying to navigate through the jungle of “gain 4 inches in just a few weeks” sides and finally came upon your blog, which is brilliant:-) An honest, no bullshit review of the penis enlargement process…..thank you for that.
    I’ve just bought the “quick extender pro” and ” bathmate- Hercules” today after being inspired by your blog and dedication. Keep up the good work…..it is an inspiration 🙂
    All the best

    1. Post
      The Guy Next Door

      Hello Frey

      Thank you so much for your message and support man ! I really appreciate it!

      I know what you mean about all the shit that is online about penis enlargement!

      I always said if I make any gains I will share it with everyone, I hated having a small penis and I feel so much happier now – it has done so much for my confidence and it is amazing to have a bigger penis.

      It takes time and dedication but just keep going – it will happen!

      If you have any questions as well, do not hesitate to ask, I will be happy to help!

      Good luck man and thank you again for the message !

  17. Jim Cassidy

    Dear CJ. I commenting twice one day, but your blog is a real inspiration, to those of us believed that penis enlargement was all hype. For as long as can remember, I always wanted a larger penis, and like you I was mocked and shamed. In reality I was adverage, but small adverage. I always been afraid to discuss my penis size with others. Yet, I know that their are lot of out there.

    To bad we can’t all get together. Unfortunately , I live in the great out back of America, wester kansas, population’ 65!
    At any rate, I wanted to say that you have an awesome package, I want one just like yours. Jim

  18. กำจัดปลวก

    We’re a group of volunteers and starting a brand new scheme in our community.
    Your web site offered us with useful info to work on. You’ve performed
    an impressive process and our entire community will probably be grateful to you.

  19. A

    Great work and congrats! Amazing accomplishments! Keep it up. I have a question, I’m using the hydromax X30, but debating on also using Maci Rexion x500 pills for a duo, external exesize and internal… Err enhancment? From these pills. Do you reckon it is a good idea, Iv used them once before, but with out the bathmate, and I did see improvement of erection quality and ejaculation

    1. Post
      The Guy Next Door

      Hey man!

      Thanks for the comment –

      I’ve never used those pills – I personally use the generic cialis and I find it works well!

      If you’ve used these before and you liked it – then go for it!

      As long as you are aware that pills will not make your dick bigger – I use it because I like the hardness of my erections and how quickly I can get a boner from taking them.

      I Use the bathmate will a full erection and ciallis really helps me maintain and get an erection quickly when I need one –

      It is completely up to you dude – like I said I’ve never used those pills!

      What is your goals – size wise and where are you at the moment?

      Hope this helps a bit dude!

      Let me know!

      1. A

        Thanks I will look into what you suggested. My size now Is 6.75bpel with 5.1 girth, goals are too reach 7.5bpel and at least 5.5 anything over is gold! Yeah I know they won’t help me grow on there own , but too aid circulation, and erection quality 🙂 thanks man I’m keep in touch !

  20. Kevin

    I’m sure it would work, but my real question is how strong is your erection? does prolonged use make erection softer?

    Also, how long does the gains stay? Now that you’ve reached 2 years mark, about how many hours or days can you go without a pump and the gains would still be there?

    1. Post
      The Guy Next Door

      I’ve send you an email man – have a look and see if you received it! Let me know!

      PS sorry for the late reply!

  21. Max

    Hi i saw your review about cialis and how it helped you. I want a natural pill that will give me a rock hard erection and help me last longer. I dont have an issue with size i have an issue with erection quality, also what do you think about vigrx plus? I heard they are excellent. I masterbated alot and watch porn alot and it messed me up and now i have semen leakage and i cant get hard. So i quit porn and masterbation but the effects are still here and i want to be fixed. So what can i do to get back 100% healed? Thanks.

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