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Why am I so fucking lazy!

We all moan about not being the best that we can be – but what do we actually do about it!

I take myself for instance I wrote a post about 2 months ago about wanting to start exercise and changing my body – but I have not done anything about it yet.

It is actually so embarrassing but I thought to myself if I post it on my blog and people can read it, I will be really motivated to to start my exercise journey!

I think what I’ve learned from this is that you cannot rely on someone els to motivate you – you need to motivate yourself!

I think this is where I go wrong most of the time – I look for answers in others when I know the answer myself already!

I look for motivations from others – when I need to find this within myself!

Ok, so I have actually achieved a fair bit in the last 2 months – I went for loads of interviews to find my perfect job – and I found it – perfect in the sense that it suits my life and my lifestyle!  Continue reading Why am I so fucking lazy!

I’m Addicted to Porn

I’m Addicted to Porn.

Addicted to PornListen we all have our own stories and we all live our lives in the way we choose to, but Porn effects us much more than we realise – we need to know this and if we don’t know it – we have to learn what it does to you!

This article is intended for those who are actually struggling with a Porn Addiction and want to stop or are just wondering how being addicted to Porn effects people!

I also have an Interview of Ted Bundy, just before he was executed explaining how being addicted to porn lead him to killing so many woman – this is unbelievable and I couldn’t believe it when I read it – he killed so many people and he wanted this final interview so people can understand the consequences of being Addicted to Porn!

This will fucking open your eyes to why you should stop your porn addiction!  Continue reading I’m Addicted to Porn

Am I Gay?

Am I gay?

tumblr_n3358cVCaM1rrt383o1_500If you are asking yourself this question – you must be thinking of something in that line – something must have triggered in your head for you to suddenly ask this question.

I’ve asked myself this same questions as well!

Listen I’ve been so confused about loads of shit in my life and this is also something that I had to deal with?

Why do think you are gay?

  • Do you get turned on by men?
  • Do you look at Gay Porn?
  • Do you have a crush on your best friend (that guy)?
  • Have you had sex with a man – and don’t know how to react to it?
  • Do you think of men when you wank?

Continue reading Am I Gay?

Stop Your Fucking Addiction and Start living your life!

Skeleton in the Desert

Listen this post is for those who are suffering from an addiction and want to get out of it.

I know how difficult it can be to break an addiction but I also know how amazing it is when you are finally rid of this fucking horror called Addiction!

What Addiction did I use to Suffer from?

I didn’t just have one addiction, I suffered from a few!

Cocaine, Alcohol, Marijuana and Porn!

My life though my twenties was a complete mess and I know I have no one to blame but me – but this fact does not make it any easier to actually deal with your addiction.

When you suffer from an Addiction, it is important to understand that it is an actual condition and it needs to be treated!

You need to do what ever it takes to break away from this addiction or it will destroy your life.

If you want to read more on my personal experience on suffering from addiction and how it all happened – click here!

This post is intended to for You to understand Addiction better and what I did – the drastic steps I took – to help myself! Continue reading Stop Your Fucking Addiction and Start living your life!