Dick Pics – My Before and After

My Dick Pics

This is my Dick Pics progress log – Just to show you guys how my penis has changed since starting Penis Enlargement!

Dick Pics My Flaccid  Before and After

I will update this as my progress continues…..

I’ve been doing Penis Enlargement for the last 2 years and these are my gains so far.

I know it’s taken some time but I’ve increased my flaccid size by 3.5″ and my erect size by 2″.

BPEL My dick was tiny when I first started, my flaccid was only 1.5″ Now 5″and my erect 4″ and Now 6″ BPEL – when you press the ruler against your belly bone!

When I first started, I just didn’t know what to expect from Penis Enlargement or if it was even possible to enlarge your dick.

Well it is?

This is the reason why I started this blog – to share my experience – if I had better advise when I started – I would be much further in my gains.

My Erect Dick Pics Before and After – Progress Log

My flaccid hang now is bigger than what my erection was 2 years ago – crazy!

About 9 months of PE - finally reached 5" Erect
About 9 months of PE – finally reached 5″ Erect
About 1 year and 7 months - 6" Whoop Whoop
About 1 year and 7 months – 6″ Whoop Whoop






Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 10.07.33 Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 10.09.22


My Erect Dick Pics – 2016

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My aim is 7″ – but that will be a total increase of 3″ in Erect size and I’m not sure it is possible – but I won’t give up – things have slowed down though – and I seem to be kind of stuck between 6″ and 6.25″ Erect Length even though I’ve gone pass the 7″ mark in the Bathmate –

I’ve just ordered the Phallosan® forte – I’ve heard many great things about it – and the fact that you can sleep with it – So I’m going to go for the maximum time that I can in an extender – 24/7 if I have to, to get to 7″!

When I first started PE my erection quality was pretty shocking as well – these days it is nothing but amazing – I do take Generic Cialis to aid me in my PE – but even when I stop taking them my erections are great!

Keeping Perspective!

I always knew I wouldn’t have a 8″ dick because it was just too small when I first started – I will have to increase my size by 4″ to be 8″.

I believe a Realistic length increase to expect in Erect Size is 2.5 – 3″

So hopefully I will reach 7″ – That will be amazing – Just another inch as I’m 6″ now.

Progress is going great – I’m almost at 7″ in my Bathmate!

Flaccid Gains

I’m most impressed with my flaccid gains as you can see from my dick pics above, my flaccid is completely different to when I started.

My dick looked like a dried out plum before – just a bit of skin – it was so fucking embarrassing.

Now It hangs below my balls always – I never have shrinkage any longer – it just stays at 5″  or bigger all the time.

When I use the Bathmate – My Immediate gains now last all day 12 – 16 hours – and it really hangs big – and can clearly see my dick through my trousers. I never had that before.

The best thing I’ve ever bought in my life – it has made such a difference to my life.

After about 3 months

Still Small but starting to hang a bit

Penis Before and Agter

 Six to Nine Month results

I could actually start pulling my foreskin back and it will stay there – not just slip back over my glans. I have my foreskin pulled back all the time now – love it.

Before and After

 After about a Year and 6 months of using the Bathmate, Penis Extender and Manual Exercises.

My flaccid Penis is like this all the time now….. no shrinkage at all!
Penis Enlargement Results
 As I mentioned Before, I know my penis is not huge now but it is a fucking hell of a lot bigger than when i first started out and I am proud of my achievements and for the first time EVER I feel like I can walk around naked without feeling shy!
I’m still doing Penis Enlargement on a daily basis as I want my Erect to be 7″ – another 1″ – already grown 2″
and my flaccid – I want it to hang at 6″ I’m now 5″ (when it is really cold)- 5.25″ on a Normal day.
So I’ve almost achieve my goal – I will keep you updated –

How did I achieve this!

I’ve made penis enlargement part of my daily routine – it is just something that I do now!

The secret to Penis Enlargement is believing in it and then making it part of your lifestyle – a little like going to the gym – if you want a beautiful body – you’ll go to the gym regularly – same principle with penis enlargement!

We all know there are no pills on this planet that is going to increase your Penis Size. Penis Pills – have other benefits – but penis enlargement is not one of them.

Trust me, I’ve tried them all – or most of them  and I know Penis Enlargement ingredients so well now –

I do use a pill – Cialis – it is Erectile Dysfunction pill – I don’t have Erectile Dysfunction – I use it to aid me in my Penis Enlargement routine!

It is much better than any other Penis Enhancement pill I have used – ever!

Forget about Pills –

If you want a bigger dick

Bathmate – My number one Recommendation

Penis Extender – A good one like the Sizegenetics

Penis Exercises – Follow a great Daily Routine

That is it – that is the big secret to Penis Enlargement and how achieved all my gains – Like I said – hard work, dedication and time!

The Bathmate makes the process fun –

Supporting the Guy Next Door!

If you like my blog and want to support me – you can buy the bathmate through this link!

My Bathmate Shop!

My Sizegenetics Extender!

My VLC Tugger – If you enter this code at checkout TGNDB – you will get a 7% discount!

If you have any questions about penis enlargement – please ask – I will be happy to help!


    1. Post
    1. Post
      The Guy Next Door

      Hey John

      It is difficult to say because I had good results from the Sizegenetics – 2″ erect increase and 3.5″ flaccid!

      I’m uncut, so wearing the sizegenetics was not always easy – it use to hurt after a few hours!

      The Phallosan I can wear all day without any pain – but it is too early to see results – only been using it for a month!

      As far as comfort goes – Phallosan all the way!

      but like I said – I had good results from the SG!

      I know this is not really answering your question – at this point in time I would recommend the SG because it gave me results!

      I wish I bought the Phallosan earlier to see what it actually does – results wise but too early for me to say!

      My flaccid does seem to hang longer after a month of using the Phallosan though and I prefer wearing the Phallosan to the sizegenetics – purely because I can go for 12 – 14 hours without any discomfort and the key to success with extenders is the amount of hours you can wear it in a day!

      Also if I can’t wear the Phallosan during the day due to whatever reason, I can sleep with it – which still gives me the 8 – 10 hours that is recommended to see good results!

      Also Phallosan is much more discreet to wear!

      I hope this helps dude – if you have any more questions – ask away!

  1. Jeff

    Hi there

    Great to see the progression photos as no one really seems to have the balls to show them!

    Do you reckon you can increase with manual stretches alone? I now the extender as well would make for quicker gains but just wondering?

    Anyway how’s the progress now?

    1. Post
      The Guy Next Door

      Hey Jeff –

      Thanks for the comment man – really appreciate it!

      You will get gains with manual stretches alone but if you add jelqing to your routine – your gains will even be better.

      Been a little shit lately with everything – so things kind of came to a stand still but I’m gradually getting back into it. Back in 2012 through to 2014 – I really put so much time and effort into PE but then after I got my gains – I kind of scaled down and never got back to the effort I put in before – but gradually working my way up again.

      I still use the bathmate before sex lol – love the thickness it gets to and sex is much better in my experience!

      Anyways – whats your goals?

      Let me know man!

      1. Jeff

        Hi thanks for the reply.

        I first heard of PE about a year ago but didn’t start properly training till April. Ive been using the routines from okay dick.com but struggling to make good gains. They generally use a mix of jelqs, stretches and kegals.

        Upon starting my measurements were 3.5inch non bone pressed flaccid length and 5.8inch BPEL. 5 months later it’s 3.6 and 6.2. As the gains were so small I wondered if it even worked or if it was just inconsistency in measuring especially after reading a lot of webpages claiming PE doesn’t work. That’s why I started to look for photographic proof and found your blog!

        My goals are 4.5 fl and 7.0 BPEL but at my current rate of gains will take an age. Just wondering what routines you’ve been using?


        1. Post
          The Guy Next Door

          No buddy – not received any other messages other than the ones on here. I’ve emailed you if you want to chat via email!

  2. Jeff

    Hi thanks for the reply

    I’ll send it again now then.

    Basically I started looking into PE about a year ago and after reading lots of mixed opinions stating it does and doesn’t work I was left pretty unsure. I didn’t really start training properly until April where I went onto okaydick.com and started following their routines. They are generally a mixture of stretching excersizes, jelqs and kegals.

    My starting measurements were non bone pressed fl: 3.5 and BPEL 5.8. After 5 months of training I have made very small gains. 3.6 fl and 6.2 BPEL so given that took 5 months I’m not even sure if it’s actual gains from training or just inconsistencies in measuring or natural growth as I’m 19. It made me question whether it really works and that’s why I started to look for photographic evidence and found yours!

    I’m targeting 4.5fl and 7.0 BPEL (I’m very much a grower not shower). Just wondering what routine you used to get such good gains? Also does the bath mate basically give you temporary gains? So good to use if your planning on getting laid? Also have your gains from training a couple years back stayed permanent now you’ve backed off?


    1. Post
      The Guy Next Door

      Hey man – The initial pump is not permanent but if you do it consistently over a period of time (months – years) the temporary gains become permanent.

      Hope this helps man!

    1. Post
      The Guy Next Door

      Hello Jeremy

      How are you man? Thanks for the mail.

      So my size depends on how often I pump etc.

      So when I don’t pump my erect girth is around 5.7” and flaccid girth is around 5”!

      When I use the bathmate on a regular basis – My erect girth is between 6 and 6.25” and flaccid girth is about 5.7”

      I’ve used the bathmate for a long time and it really does make your penis really thick when pumping regularly – I try and make it part of my everyday routine and this ensures my dick just always hangs big and fat all day – which is great and what I like!

      The girth does go down gradually when I stop pumping but then plumps up again quickly when I start!

      I achieved good permanent gains after about 2 and a half years of pumping so I’m just maintaining my size these days because I’m happy with it!

      I hope this helps man – if you have any other questions feel free to ask!

      The Guy Next Door

    2. Post
    1. Post
      The Guy Next Door

      Hello Kev

      No – not in my experience! It doesn’t effect your ball skin at all! Why do you ask?

  3. Jerry

    My average length is pretty much 6.5″, sometimes 7″ when erect. I’ve been using both Viagra and now generic Viagra which work OK, but after I’ve climaxed I go soft.
    Do you think some pumping after sex might help to maintain the erection?
    I have also used injection therapy which works well, but you have to make sure you are on target or it goes into the system without giving you the erection. Using that, I do keep erect, and sometimes start to get erect again,

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