PACcoin – People’s Alternative choice!

People's Alternative Choice

PaccasgMission Statement

We strive to socially transform a simple currency into a scalable and diverse network of people & transaction based systems.

As the People’s Internet currency we will support block-chain technologies and give back solutions to the cryposhere.

The first time I heard of PACcoin was when it reached an all time High on the 6 of January 2018 with the Price reaching US$0.000316 . Just a few days earlier on the 31 December 2017 the price was only at US$0.000007.

Quick calculation: If you invested $200 on the 31 Dec 17 @ $0.000007 per Paccoin – You would buy you 28571428.57 Paccoins.

If you then sold those Paccoins on the 6 Jan 18, your $200 investment would be at worth $9028.57!

That was a huge increase for any coin and some early investors made a HUGE amount of money on that day!

I was so amazed by this growth that I decided to invest immediately and I bought 3 million PACcoins!

Since then the PACcoin price have dropped by a fair amount, but I still believe in this coin and I can see a Huge future – I love the name The People’s Alternative Choice – it sounds great!

After the massive price increase and hype for this coin people started digging around to find out more about this coin but not much information was available which caused people to panic and believe that PACcoin is just a scam, but I’ve been following the development of this coin and I can see that the Team behind this cryptocurrency is working really hard to make this coin truly the People’s Coin!

What is PACcoin?

PACcoinPacCoin is alternative digital currency.

Originally founded in 2013 by William Corliss as the Pacifica Nation’s of- ficial coin. Almost exactly four years later the Crypto community rebranded and relaunched PacCoin. The coin was launched with a new purpose and direction and supportive resources.

The coin now stands for the People’s Alternative Choice coin. The PacCoin network of developers has banded together with the community to bring PacCoin back into the top of the Cryptosphere.

Their mission is:

Friendly, community focus to help new users to cryptocoin use.

PacCoin’s purpose and focus is on a foundation of four ‘C’s:

Community, Choice, Content and Charity

Build a strong community that is able to provide charitable solutions via content, media & alternative choices.


PAC stands for the “People’s Alternative Choice” a new form of Internet Currency.  

Having a choice in an alternative store of value promotes internet commerce and fosters innovation.  T

he huge burden of current rules and regulations destroy the innovation within the current business economy.  

We see this today in civil lawsuits for millions of dollars.

We also see a legal system that is fracturing under its own lack of clear choices.  

PAC is going back to the grassroots – where systems evolve from great ideas and innovative energy.

This PAC system will enable resources to solve and find solutions -vs- getting stalled in legal conflicts.


In the middle of the PAC economy PAC becomes the primary medium of exchange.

Content now becomes one of the vehicles that is exchanged as a value.   An example of this would be a service marketplace where people would be looking to purchase new branding for their business, or an intro video explaining their offerings. will house this marketplace where these digital products can be sold via $PAC to others in the community.  The real-world analog or example of this type of system is


Communities come together and provide support to solve and identify problems throughout the PAC economy.  

We have discovered the beginning of a social governance framework that will enable our social network to evolve into a problem-solving machine.  

The complexities of managing a decentralized community will be challenging – but not impossible.  

The goal will be to discover proposals for the $PAC economy and promote them to the master-nodes for final approval and resource allocation.



Charitable focus is another cornerstone of the PAC economy.  

Charitable focus is a fundamental value of many of the problems in our day-to-day lives that can be solved easily in a community environment.  

The community continually grows in its ability to help charitable causes as people discover together the benefit of functional charitable economy.  

Charitable focus will always be the “foundational fabric” of the PAC ecosystem.  

Many brands will want to help support the PAC system as they align their brands to support interests of both parties.

We will have a charitable crowdfunding platform similar to Kickstarter on to build this charitable PAC platform


PACcoin Vs. Bitcoin

People's Alternative ChoiceBitcoin is “Digital Gold” in the eyes of many.

Bitcoin is a digital good that can be send and received through the internet without a third party being involved – Direct Peer to Peer transactions!

It’s managed by a decentralised block chain (public), transferred through means of communication.

Bitcoin’s value is found by supply and demand!

Eventhough Bitcoin is fantastic, there are a few difficulties it faces.

Speed, a Bitcoin transaction can take anything between 30 minutes to an Hour to complete!

Fees – High Transaction fees – Anything between $3 – £4

Privacy – Pseudonymous (meaning ‘false name’, is a state of disguised identity)

PACcoin has solved the problems that Bitcoin is struggling with and represents a digital currency that can be used as Digital Cash!

PACcoin transactions are fast and anonymous

With a transaction Speed of less than 2 seconds, fees of $0.03 and you have  choice of wether you want your transactions to be private or public!


PACcoin’s innovative tiered design allows it to finance itself because it is not dependant on external investments or controls!


PACcoin is Fault tollerant & Scalable Network

A Fully meshed peer-to-peer network of masternodes secures the core foundation of the PAC network.

All masternodes are rewarded for securing the PAC blockchain and also given rewards for securely storing and forwarding the blockchain to other network participants.

Masternodes are the second layer of the highly secure network that provides decentralised services.

They facilitate instant transactions, secure the network and provide a governance model!

Social Governance

pac coinThe Pac network will be supported by a two tier social layer where all PAC holders can cast and propose projects.

The social layer provides the brainstorming and social frameworks necessary for community solutions.

After a proposal reaches consensus, the master-node second tier finalises these proposals via a voting system. Each master node owner is eligible to vote!

Making PAC coin truly the People’s Alternative Choice Cryptocurrency!



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